Unpacking the boxes and moving in…. (so to speak)

So yeah, um…hi, or something

If that isn’t the most eloquent way to start off my first blog post on a new site, I’m not sure what is.

For those of you that have followed my (mis)adventures into the publishing and blogging world, you will have to pardon the boxes and newspaper floating around the floor, especially when I get to the fragile items like why my novels are stalled, but for those of you just joining, welcome to my little rainy corner of the interwebs.

Yep, this is going to be one of those blogs…well, maybe.  I still haven’t figured out where the kitchen box is yet, so my recipes on juicy tidbits of life will be waiting until the necessities like getting out the toilet paper and washing this place up a bit take place.

Yep, I’ve gone too far with the damn metaphor.  I’ll stop now.

So here are the plans for the future of our little time together;  I plan to make you laugh, I plan to make you think, I hope to inspire you, to make you run out and buy my books (insert shameless plug for my not yet published novels) I plan to review other independent author’s works, and some pretty well known authors too.  I plan to pimp out my friends’ blogs and have you witness their global takeover and become a minion.  I will talk about music, a lot.  I will talk about books, a lot.  And dating, and being in my thirties, and well, pretty much any single thing that I can think of…

Dust off the couch cushion and make yourself at home.  I hope you like pizza.



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2 responses to “Unpacking the boxes and moving in…. (so to speak)

  1. And we get all of that and to witness a global blog-style takeover as well?

    Now, I agree; you are off to a great start. I hope you enjoy it, Amelia.

    • I certainly hope so, though the global takeover is more for my friend’s pet project that I write for occasionally. I know he’s got great things ahead of him.

      Thanks for the encouragement, and for reading.

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