Apparently I have a stalker…

and that makes me sound crazy.  But whatever.


Apparently, there are people out there who hurt you so badly, who make you feel so incredibly upset about whatever amount of friendship you tried to impart to them over the years that they use it to rip your own heart out, leave it bloody by the curb.  Those same people, who treat you like scum, like your friendship meant nothing, are the ones that seem to follow you through life, and relish in your defeats.

Guess what, cancer hasn’t won.  I am winning, I am fighting, so to you, person who hurt me so badly a year ago and threatened to have her supposed “friends” do bodily harm to me, who ripped on my writing style and then claim I never paid her to read three chapters of my novel when I didn’t have a damn dime to my name, and then spread malicious fallicies all over her facebook page like a goddamned high schooler… stop reading my blog (when I have all of seven readers, i think this alone is comical to say, but just stop.)  You don’t get to relish in my defeats, you don’t get to champion my successes.  You don’t get to claim anything on me, ever again.

I am happier now without you in my life, and I just want you gone.  Respect that, don’t contact me again, and move on with your life.  It shows more of your guilt than anything that you can’t let it go. I’ve forgiven you, but I don’t forget that kind of malice.  So just go..


Here’s the door, don’t let it hit your ass on the way out.Image



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